Gotta Animate ‘Em All!

by Megan -

Since Nintendo first introduced us to the world of Pokémon in the year 1996, it has grown to be the second most popular media franchise in the business, behind only Nintendo’s own Mario franchise. One can imagine why the anime series would be such a hit, offering everything from games and trading cards to a wildly popular television series and more. Pokémon has a serious following of millions who are passionate about the fictional universe of “Pocket Monsters.” So when we recently came across an iStopMotion film animating this fascinating world and the act of Poké-battles, we, too, were quite amazed.

The film, “Pokemon Stadium Stop Motion: Haruhi vs Kuroyukihime,” was created by recent high school grad Christopher Crompton. “My love for Pokémon inspired me to create the film. I've always imagined what a Pokémon battle would look like using real objects instead of CGI or cartoons.

Luckily for us, we no longer have to wonder what that would look like – and our minds are blown. Even more so after finding out that this was Christopher’s very first time using iStopMotion – or any stop motion animation application for that matter “I found out about iStopMotion through one of my friends who suggested it to me,” Christopher says. “He knew I was looking to improve my stop motions and that I owned a Mac. My favorite features of iStopMotion are onion skinning and the ability to export as frames or video.

Christopher will be a freshman at the Rochester Institute of Technology this fall studying film and animation. He will be specializing in stop motion films. We don’t think he’ll have to get into any Poké-battles to get all A's!