Lights, Camera, Connect, Live

by Megan -

As one might imagine, Chris Yates, an aviation analyst and regular talking head for stations like the BBC and CNN, has been called in for comment quite frequently as of late. With major headline events including the growing list of Boeing Dreamliner calamities, the Snowden saga, and, most recently, the tragic San Francisco plane crash, Chris has been on call around the clock. “Within the past fourteen days I've used the Boinx TV software to enable live appearances on the BBC, SKY News, Al Jazeera and Russia Today,” Chris tells us.

While the events that brought him on the air have been quite unfortunate, Chris is thankful he’s had BoinxTV to help him get there, saying that he would not be able to broadcast live immediately without this software capability. Because of his interest in BoinxTV, Chris will have the opportunity to join StudioTech tomorrow (Tuesday, July 16th) to discuss and demonstrate the program’s capabilities. StudioTech TV delivers live and recorded content globally from studios in the UK and Eastern USA, with a specific focus on hardware and software enabling live streaming online and for broadcast. A significant number of viewers tune in to catch up on the latest developments each week and otherwise consume some 40,000 video views each month.

Tune in tomorrow, Tuesday July 16, 2013 from 1900-2000 BST (2000-2100 CEST / 2-3pm EDT), to learn more about BoinxTV and to find out how Chris is using it to broadcast live with major networks around the world, right from his home office.