Five More Days to Push App Camp for Girls to the $100K Mark!

by Megan -

Wow – we are so impressed by the amazing success App Camp for Girls has seen with its Indiegogo campaign, which was launched just over a month ago. The AC4G team, lead by developer Jean MacDonald, reached their goal of $50,000 in just three days, and are now at $76,658 (and counting!). They held a “beta” camp session from June 24-28, and are happy to report it was a great week. Though App Camp for Girls has happily surpassed its original goal, they have just announced an additional (unofficial) goal for this last stretch of the campaign to raise $100,000. We think they can do it - but they need your help!

The Camp’s Indiegogo page reads: “With the additional funds, we will accelerate our plans and expand the program beyond Portland in Summer 2014. Help us decide. When we make our new goal of $100,000, where should App Camp For Girls go next? Let us know in your comments!Visit the page now to weigh in.

There is no question that there is a serious need for this program. In an interview with The New Yorker, Jean commented that they had to turn down almost 100 girls looking to join the camp. The parents are loving App Camp for Girls, too! In the Indiegogo update, one parent says, “My daughter had a terrific time and was so inspired! Your camp has solidified her interest in a career as a computer programmer.

Read AC4G’s latest Indiegogo page update to find out all the progress they have made with this initiative and to donate today! Your donation makes a huge difference. And if that’s not quite enough to convince you, check out the long list of perks you’ll receive for making a donation, starting at just $5!

Still not convinced?? Or maybe you are and you just want to follow every move App Camp for Girls is making like we do… They’ve been covered by some pretty impressive outlets. Here are just a few:

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Okay then, time to go donate!