App Camp For Girls

by Megan -

Recently, our friend Jean MacDonald (a partner at Smile, a well known iOS and Mac developer) launched a campaign to raise money to bring to fruition one amazing idea: App Camp For Girls. While attending the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference last year, Jean was shocked when she realized there was hardly another woman in sight among the 5,000 attendees. So, she decided to do something about it.

App Camp For Girls is a weeklong camp for girls ages 12 to 14, dedicated to teaching young females the process of creating an app, from brainstorming to developing to marketing the finished product. Volunteer female experts in software development, design, testing, support and marketing will coach the girls. "Amazing things happen when women mentors help girls see themselves in roles they had never imagined before," says Jean.

App Camp For Girls has already had an "Alpha release" in March with great success and a free "Beta release" session is happening in June with 12 girls. Now, App Camp For Girls is raising $50,000 via Indiegogo for funding the first 12 months of building a non-profit international program, which includes purchasing equipment, insurance and legal advice.

The world needs more female software developers! Visit Jean’s Indiegogo page and pledge your support to help launch App Camp For Girls into an international movement. In addition to donating money, you can also show your support by telling your friends on Facebook, Twitter and so on. Your support will help shape the future of app and software development and so much more!