FotoMagico 4: The Secret to Slideshow Success

by Megan -

If you had a seriously fantastic secret ingredient, would you share it with the world? Luckily for us, Chuck Jones is sharing his – and it’s FotoMagico 4! While sitting by the pool one day, he recalls, a little girl began riding her bike around the pool. The scene was just too adorably perfect to pass up. He snapped a few photos and videos of the little girl (with a cameo from her mom) in all her childish glory. Which is where FotoMagico 4 steps in. Chuck knew it was the perfect way to bring his material together in a beautiful and cohesive slideshow saying, “This is exactly the type of creative challenge that I love using FotoMagico to solve.

FotoMagico allows you to create customized slideshows, mixing photos with movies and audio, for a storytelling effect like none other. FotoMagico brings your photos to life and keeps your audience at the edge of their seats.

Chuck continues:

While iPhoto has languished in R and D, FotoMagico has continued developing the product and enhancing the feature set, though somewhat flying below the radar of photographers who could best utilize it. Unlike the very limited slideshow capability built inside Lightroom, the UI and feature toolset of FotoMagico is very robust. As a creative artist, everything I seem to want is right there, waiting for my use. This is a product that has evolved gracefully, thoughtfully through the years, with developers who clearly understand both photographic presentation to an audience and what an artist goes through creating them.

"There are plenty of photo editing applications, Photoshop being the market leader and most widely known, but applications such as Aperture from Apple, and Adobe’s Lightroom also command a large audience and installed user base. Adobe Premier, AVID, and Final Cut Pro are the leading video editing suites among many others specifically designed for working with video. But while most of these applications can work with mixed media, most are quite limited in features to use in execution, or are incredibly complex in operation with a steep, non-intuitive learning curve to use them effectively.

"This need is where FotoMagico magically slips into the cracks. It is a tool designed from the ground up specifically for artists to create slideshows. Simple slideshows quickly, or quite complex audio and video productions using FotoMagico 4′s extensive tool set. If you want simple, neat, and easy, FotoMagico serves the need. Want to get more complex with transitions and some cool trick moves? Again, the power of FotoMagico’s extensive tool set has been almost exactly what I’ve needed to do most anything. I have to be honest and say that I’ve only still scratched the surface of the full creative power FotoMagico has to offer. I suggest you check out their demo that ships installed with the software download. Very impressive. And you can copy/paste the same frames and transitions from the demo into your own creations as a starting point. A fantastic time saver, and very cool.

Read Chuck's full review of FotoMagico 4 here.

Well, there you have it – FotoMagico is the secret ingredient to Chuck’s beautiful slideshow work, and it can be yours, too. Cat’s out of the bag!