Hungry For More iStopMotion

by Megan -

We've discussed in the past the majestic beauty of a meal preparing itself, so when we saw Midnight Snack, we knew we couldn't resist taking a big bite. Honestly, what better time for a sandwich to figure out how to make itself than at 12am when you've sleepily stumbled into the kitchen with an empty belly, am I right?!

Midnight Snack is the creation of artist Salman Sajun, who said, "I was itching to shoot something, having recently done my groceries I thought it would be fun to shoot a short stop-motion version of a midnight snack. This is what I came up with." He used iStopMotion for the Mac in conjunction with Canon's EOS Utility to create the effect of the sandwich assembling itself (sorry folks, he did not, in fact, figure out how to program his groceries to transform themselves into the sandwich of his dreams - pun intended).

As for his use of iStopMotion, Salman tells us, "I stumbled on it while searching on the internet for a way to shoot stop motion. It was years ago though, but I remember reading about it on a blog post that lead me to the website. A trial run later I was fairly familiar with it. I like that it's simple to use. The interface is clean and works very well with the built in camera on my MacBook. Exporting was a breeze too, a big plus when capturing so many images."

To Salman, we say, compliments to the chef! Well done on the stop motion animation. Now if you could get back to figuring out how to teach food how to prepare itself, we'd greatly appreciate it. Only kidding....

To see more of what Salman Sajun can create, check out his amazing work here!