Rock Out to iStopMotion

by Megan -

Hey! Happy Friday, everyone! It's time to let loose, so throw on your favorite record and jam out. Watch the video above for some inspiration on how to get down. Whether it's head banging, arm flailing or breakdancing, everyone has a preferred dancing method, and the weekend is the perfect time to show off those moves.

In the iStopMotion animation above, the filmmaker created his character "using a copper wire puppet with a wooden head and a mouth of plasticene." He adds, "The backdrop was an old shirt, I sewed the puppets shirt and screen-printed on a logo from a Winnipeg landmark, glued on some denim pants... Oh, and I used lots of hockey tape." As for iStopMotion for Mac, he tells us it was easy, simple to use and intuitive.

Hope everyone has a rockin' weekend!