Viva Las iStopMotion!

by Megan -

This past April, a few of our dear friends made the brave trip out to Las Vegas, Nevada for the National Association of Broadcasters Show, otherwise known as NAB. It’s one of the biggest broadcast shows of the year, where industry professionals of all shapes and sizes come out to meet and do business.

The Padcaster was one of our friends to make the journey to the busy conventional halls filled with over 1,500 exhibitors and over 90,000 media and entertainment professionals. If you’re unfamiliar with the Padcaster, it’s a pretty nifty iPad case that transforms the iPad into a moviemaking machine (you can see why we like this). It allows filmmakers to mount the iPad to a monopod or tripod for smooth shooting, as well as to attach accessories like mics and lights to help enhance the shoot. With the Lenscaster, a separate accessory, users can attach their preferred lens to the device, giving them control over the iPad camera’s focus and depth of field.

With the Padcaster in tow, “Padcastin’ Gary” set out to, um, “interview” show exhibitors. These unsuspecting victims were expecting a press interview – what they got was something entirely different. Watch above as they get hilariously spoofed in this NAB wrap-up from the Padcaster, which was shot, edited and uploaded directly from the iPad, all from the NAB show floor.

About 53 seconds into the short film, you’ll notice a certain filmmaking technique Boinx is famous for – timelapse. Padcastin’ Gary zips down the crowded NAB aisles as he shoots a timelapse of all the action (…happening behind his head…) using Boinx’s iStopMotion for iPad. Days one and two start out the same, with Gary (aka Katie Holmes, aka Fred Flintstone, aka Elmer Fudd…you’ve gotta see it to understand) wreaking havoc on NAB exhibitors. By day three, you can see Las Vegas is beginning to catch up on Gary…and gets him completely by day four, and iStopMotion for iPad catches it all.

All that aside, the Padcaster is an awesome tool to use with iStopMotion for iPad. By mounting the Padcaster-held iPad to a tripod, shooting still frames in iStopMotion becomes so much easier. The camera is no longer shaky and animators can achieve great, smooth shots. Plus, lights can really enhance the entire shoot, with consistent lighting throughout the entire film. And if you want to get real fancy, throw in your favorite lens using the Lenscaster. You’ll be on your way to Hollywood in no time!