iPad for Digital Photographers by Derrick Story

by Megan -

Discover innovative ways to strengthen your photography business with your iPad.

Derrick Story is back with his fifth book release. "iPad for Digital Photographers" is a instructional guide on how to leverage the strengths of the iPad to enhance your photography and your business. With helpful tips that include editing techniques when you're on-the-fly, suggestions for backup storage devices, and how to take advantage of the hi-res display. WiFi connectivity, and powerful processor to increase efficiency, Story uses clear and entertaining writing to give great advice for the digital photographer.

With an entire section about how to use iStopMotion from Boinx, Story demonstrates that he is a jack-of-all-trades. From photography to stopmotion, readers will have a chance to learn from a professional on how to execute the most exciting and aesthetically pleasing pieces of art in multiple mediums. The video featured above entitled "The Overlook (Time Lapse)" was created utilizing the timelapse feature of iStopMotion for iPad. By combining his love for digital photography and stopmotion, it is easy to see why Story is an expert as you flip through the pages. Here is the description of the book in the iTunes store:

Many photographers are turning to the flexible, easy-to-use tools of the iPad and relying on them to wear a variety of hats in their photography business. Whether portable portfolio, editing tool, payment-tracking system, or appointment calendar, the iPad melds together the best attributes of the cell phone and a laptop computer and this unique book highlights them all. With this helpful resource, you'll learn how to get the most out of your iPad to not only improve your business but also enhance your photography.

Get the book now here for 16.99 USD. Make sure to check out Story's other publications including "The Digital Photography Companion" and "The Digital Photography Pocket Guide."mac You can also find him at Macworld Magazine where he writes a digital photography column or at his online camera club, The Digital Story.