Some SAGE Advice on Animation

by Megan -

The ever-wise Mac Sage reminisces on what it was like to animate as a child, ruing the fact that the “brilliantly simple” iStopMotion for iPad didn’t exist back in the day. Here’s why:

“I remember fondly my first animation class when I was eight years old. There was the excitement of creating a story with inanimate objects and bringing them to life with a Super-8mm camera. I also remember how agonizing it was to wait for the film to be developed so I could view the fruits of my labor. If only I had an iPad and iStopMotion back then…

iStopMotion ($9.99) is a well-design app for the iPad 2 and third-generation iPad. The interface is simple and intuitive, allowing young and old animators alike to get to the task at hand. You can use either the front or rear camera to create your masterpiece. And, with the free iStopMotion Remote Camera app, you can remotely control an iPhone camera to shoot your video.

Once you realize how easy it is to animate with iStopMotion, you’ll never look at the inanimate objects in your life the same way!”

You can say that again, Mac Sage. When it comes to iStopMotion, no object is off limits! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the world.

Read Mac Sage’s full review of iStopMotion for iPad here.