Introducing Sandbox Cleaner

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Since we released the sandboxed versions of FotoMagico and iStopMotion on the Mac App Store, some users were experiencing baffling crashes. It took us quite a while to figure out what was wrong: There were QuickTime components installed on these systems that were incompatible with OS X sandboxing.

These problems affect all sandboxed video and photo apps – not just ours – so we decided to provide a troubleshooting utility to all Mac users. Now, you can perform scans for problematic QuickTime components with SandboxCleaner to clean up your Mac, making your life a whole lot easier.

Download SandboxCleaner for free from the Mac App Store.

Some more info about SandboxCleaner from the website:

If SandboxCleaner detects one of the components known to cause problems, it helps you figure out what to do. In some cases, the vendor of the component offers an update and SandboxCleaner directs you to it. In other cases, it might be best to disable the component using the Finder and contact the corresponding vendor for further information. If you know of components that cause issues but are not reported or are experiencing any other problems with SandboxCleaner, simply notify us via the Feedback Assistant. We will update the database suggesting the best way to deal with it.

Help Your Friends

Incompatible QuickTime components are a widespread problem. Many of your friends will experience the same or even worse problems than you. Unkempt sandboxes can lead to frustration – and no one wants a grumpy friend around! Be your friend’s hero by letting them know about SandboxCleaner using the built-in Twitter, Facebook and email sharing feature.

We hope you find SandboxCleaner useful and would appreciate a positive rating at the App Store if you do! (If not, talk to us in our forum.)