I Won't Lego 'Til Death Do Us Part

by Megan -

A large crowd and catchy band sets the stage for what seems to be a beautiful wedding along the water. But as the guests arrive for the joyous occasion, some uninvited creatures crash the party. Using his own original music mixed in Garageband, “The iPad Musician” Richard seamlessly tells the story of a day gone awry. With the iPad acting as a remote control, Richard used iStopMotion 3 to document the Lego wedding, citing that the “iPad remote camera setup meant [they] were able to leave the Mac where it was and [they] weren’t tripping over cables.” Taking well over 1,000 frames in seven hours, iStopMotion enabled an efficient and quick working platform. I wonder if there will be a honeymoon? To see more from Richard, visit his Vimeo channel or his Blogspot.