Boinx Wins Best of Show at Macworld 2013

by Megan -

The accolades continue to pour in for the latest update of fan-favorite iStopMotion for iPad. Now in version 2, iStopMotion for iPad has been updated to include audio features that help bring any movie to life with music, dialogue, or sound effects either recorded directly in the app or imported from iTunes, SoundCloud, and Dropbox. Among a field of technological minds that continue to outdo themselves, this recognition is a great honor.

In their roundup of the best apps and products on display at the show, Macworld comments, “the update to this Best of Show winner from last year adds robust audio tools, including the ability to record through an iPad's mic and audio waveforms to help you perform your edits.” With its effortless user-interface, quick edit capabilities, and easy portability, iStopMotion for iPad 2 encompasses the best features for any budget-friendly, on-the-go filmmaker.

“iStopMotion is something that Boinx software came out with 10 years ago and about a year ago we finally brought that technology to the iPad,” said Megan Linebarger of Boinx during Macworld in an interview with All Voices, “which is very exciting because it is a very accessible tool these days.”

And that accessibility isn’t meant just for serious filmmakers either. “It’s a great education tool,” Linebarger claimed. “You put the iPad in the hands of a three-year-old and he just knows what to do with it already. Giving kids the ability to create film and use it in an educational way is brilliant. Kids love it.”

In fact, just across the street from the Moscone Center where Macworld is held is the Children’s Creativity Museum, a nonprofit, interactive art and technology museum for kids. Eli Africa, Multimedia Producer and Educator at the museum, joined us at our booth. He showed booth visitors how easy it is to make short, stop motion films and talked about the museum’s use of iStopMotion, which they have set up in their Animation Studio.

“When people visit the museum, it doesn’t matter how old they are or what their level of tech savvy is. Whether a visitor is three or 55, it’s the magic of being able to create something from scratch that excites them,” Africa said. “We’re showing our visitors the tools, but how and if they even use them is totally up to them. And with those decisions, they are able to express how they feel – through a song they love, an interview they want to conduct, anything.”

The booth was not only raising awareness about the Children’s Creativity Museum, but also, money to support the museum’s continual efforts to educate children in the arts. By giving away bright orange bendy pens to expo attendees with a suggested donation of one dollar, the Boinx booth raised $450 to donate to the museum. We want to give a giant thanks to everyone who visited and contributed to the development of multimedia teaching for kids! To learn more about the Children’s Creativity Museum, visit them online at