Easy as A, B, C!

by Megan -

When it comes to learning, we think a hands-on approach is the best way to get concepts through to kids. Plus, now with iPads in classrooms across the globe, it's more important than ever that we provide students and teachers with the best apps to help maximize the potential of iPad-learning. In steps our very own iStopMotion for iPad. Luckily, iPads in the Classroom, a UK website, is backing us up here in their article, "Bring Learning to Life on the iPad with iStopMotion."

They say: "Stop motion animation is a style of movie making that involves single photographs of an object in various positions that, when stitched together, appear as though the inanimate object has a life of it’s own. Some of the most impressive ways of creating a stop motion video include the use of clay or puppetry — both of which are still popular today, like the tv series Wallace & Gromit or the hit film Coraline. iStopmotion is the go-to app when it comes to creating a stop motion animation on your iPad."

iPads in the Classroom gives iStopMotion a 5-Star Super rating! "Overall, iStopMotion is the complete package for creating animations on the iPad. It’s fun, easy to use and is perfect for all ages."

For those looking to use iStopMotion for iPad in the classroom, they provide some great ideas on what you can do:
- Document how the weather changes throughout the day
- Time lapse of a plant growing over a period of time
- Record a painting being created
- Animate your school logo

And don't forget, iStopMotion for iPad is also a great tool to use at home with your kids. Animate all of your toys, record a time lapse of a blizzard while staying warm by the fireplace, and bring all of your Christmas presents to life! We've included a time lapse above of us baking some delicious holiday cookies (recipe here) - hopefully it inspires you to "cook" something up of your own!

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