Snow Motion Stop Motion

by Megan -

When Phillip Barnhard and the rest of the team at M/C/C decided to take a different approach to their yearly holiday eGreeting card, they turned to iStopMotion. M/C/C is a full-service integrated marketing communications agency based in Dallas, Texas. Because they always encourage their clients, which include Texas Instruments, Harris CapRock and Chuck E. Cheese’s, to do something different and bold, they wanted their holiday greeting card to echo that sentiment.

I ran across several Post-it stop motion videos that other filmmakers had posted to YouTube and I remember being blown away by the production and technique,” Phillip, a video producer at M/C/C, says. To incorporate their company’s values, Phillip had the idea to add things you might find at an employee’s desk. He pitched the idea of creating a wintery scene out of Post-its, and the rest was history. Everyone was on board.

The project consisted of three crewmembers, 632 sticky notes, 11 binder clips, six pencils, a stapler and a highlighter. The holiday eGreeting card, titled “Snow-motion,” was shot in M/C/C’s video suite using a Sony Handicam hooked up to a Macbook Pro.

My favorite feature is definitely the onion skinning,” Phillip says. “During our big blizzard scene at the beginning of the film, the onion skinning feature allowed us to isolate which Post-its had not been moved. When you’re moving more than 75 pieces per frame, you lose track of which Post-its have been moved. Onion skinning made it easy for the crew to identify which ones were left to move and complete the shot.” Phillip also loves how easy iStopMotion is to use. He notes that you rarely run across sophisticated video software that you can download, learn and start production in a matter of minutes. He thinks it’s the perfect tool for amateur filmmakers to create entertaining films from home.

The response to the eGreeting card was overwhelmingly positive. Several clients said it was the best holiday video they had ever seen! Phillip says that the most gratifying moments came when industry peers recognized their hard work. “Snow-motion” won three awards in 2012 – a Silver Telly for Online Video, a Silver Davey for Online Advertising-Video, and a Bronze ADDY for Advertising Industry Self-Promotion: Interactive. It’s one of the most decorated creative pieces in M/C/C’s 27-year history.

Want to do something special for your holiday greeting this year, too? Check out M/C/C’s eGreeting card above and their YouTube Channel for some inspiration. Here’s another good one from M/C/C – not stop motion animation, but still hilarious. If you’re ready to give stop motion or time-lapse movies a shot, download iStopMotion for Mac (free five-day trial available) or iStopMotion for iPad and get animating! Happy Holidays!