Forget Cyber Monday - WIN an iPad mini 2!

by Megan -

Cyber Monday-Shmyber Monday (amiright?!). This year, it's all about WINNING an iPad mini 2, courtesy of the Animation Chefs. But hurry - you have until midnight on Tuesday December 3rd to submit an animation. Remember, this is a contest, so animations are not judged, but rather give the creators an entry. Names are tossed into the Chefs' Pot-O-Problems and chosen randomly.

Check out the video above from Kids Create Art - an iStopMotion Humpty Project-slash-Doctor Who tribute to inspire your own creation. And don't forget, you can download a FREE trial version of iStopMotion to get you started on creating a stop motion animation for the Animation Chefs' Humpty Project contest. Simply visit this page and click download, then you'll be prompted to register for the free trial version. Happy animating, and good luck!