Let Rudolf’s Nose Guide You to Free Holiday Goodies

by Megan -

Do you like free stuff? We sure do! Well, luckily for you, the Animation Chefs are holding another prize-filled animation challenge. They’ll be giving away more than $150 in gift cards before Christmas – all you have to do is pick Rudolf’s nose!

Well, sort of. Join in all the reindeer games by animating Rudolf’s nose for the contest. We’re talking the kind of animation that will do his big, bright red nose justice … after all, there’s an entire song written about it! Remember, it doesn’t matter how long or short the video is, or even how skilled you are at animating. The contest is a drawing, so everyone has an equal chance at the fun.

You’ve got to hurry to win though! The contest ends the night before the night before Christmas – December 23rd – at midnight. If Santa can deliver in such a short time, so can you!

And as a bonus, Boinx will be giving away some iStopMotion for iPad codes to the contest winners. $150 in gift cards + free iStopMotion for iPad = a whole lot of early holiday happiness. So get animating and shout out with glee, because if you win, you’ll go down in history!

Check out more details on the contest. By the way, if you’re using iStopMotion to help you create your animation, we’d love to see what you came up with!