FotoMagico 4.4 is One Tasty Upgrade

by Megan -

Yesterday we announced the latest update to FotoMagico, and v4.4 is by far the most significant update to version 4 yet! We’re so excited for you to get your hands on this sweet upgrade, and just in time for the holidays. What better way to showcase the many memories from the most wonderful time of the year than with a slideshow that can be shared with loved ones near and far?

According to our very own Oliver Breidenbach, “This update to FotoMagico is not about fancy new features; it’s about improving the platform and preparing for the future. This is the most significant update to version 4 yet. While you might not realize the changes at first glance, they won’t go unnoticed once you dive into creating your slideshow.

FotoMagico 4.4 Updates Include:

• Export has been completely overhauled to provide up to six-times faster export, better color accuracy and better quality for H.264 and Apple ProRes formats
• FotoMagico 4.4 is compatible with OS X Mavericks
• Modern 64-bit Architecture makes working with large slideshows with many slides and videos a breeze
• Transition from QuickTime to AV Foundation improves video playback and enables smoother transitions between slides
• Now supports legacy video formats via automatic conversion to modern formats
• Use the “c” key during video playback to separate a video clip into multiple consecutive clips for easier video editing of long videos

Luckily for us, our old friend Pelle, a professional photographer from Sweden, just released two new slideshows he made using FotoMagico … and as usual, they wowed us! Pelle says that with the new upgrade, FotoMagico has reached another level, and sharing the final slideshow is so much better and quicker than before. He also noted the improved split-screen capability of the updated version, which can be seen in action in his first slideshow.

The slideshow above was created to give a short presentation of a new cookbook Pelle recently produced with chef KC Wallberg. The book is called “My Culinary Kingdom,” and as you can see, Wallberg’s food definitely looks like it was made for royalty. Pelle’s pictures are so colorful, vibrant and delicious that the slideshow has left us salivating. We’re pleased that Pelle used FotoMagico to produce his vision, even though we’re now all starving!

Pelle’s second slideshow was made with material from a photo session with the Swedish Junior Culinary Team, who he works with often. The slideshow gives an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in the kitchen, including, you guessed it … images of more tasty dishes! We especially love the transition effects Pelle used in this one. It gives us an idea of just how upbeat and fun it is in the back of the house. Check out Pelle’s slideshow here.

Curious to learn more about FotoMagico 4.4? Watch our webinar here, which features FotoMagico creator Peter Baumgartner and our video expert Bastian Wölfle explaining the new upgrade and answering questions from webinar participants.

We’d love to see what you’re creating with FotoMagico! Please share your work with us here. And be sure to check out the FotoMagico Theater for some inspiration.