Weave Together Story, Pictures and Sound With “iPad Animation”

by Megan -

Craig Lauridsen began working with stop motion animation five years ago through teaching children at Newtown Movie School, a program that provides fully interactive movie making programs for children ages 9 to 15. Since then, the school has filled up their YouTube channel with over 250 student-made stop motion movies. “Children are great at making stop motion movies,” Craig says. “We find the best way to solve most challenges on a budget they can afford, but to a standard that is the highest quality we can achieve.

Craig says he’s been able to apply his experience in stop motion through making movies, visual communication, sound editing and, of course, by teaching it. And that’s exactly what led to Craig creating his iBook, “iPad Animation.” Featuring Boinx Software’s iStopMotion for iPad, Craig’s iBook teaches hopeful animators how to weave together story, pictures and sound to create amazing stop motion animations right from the iPad. Readers will learn how to use iMovie, GarageBand and djay in conjunction with iStopMotion for iPad. “iPad Animation” is available now through Apple’s iBookstore for just $7.99 – but hurry! Special pricing ends December 28th, when the iBook will resume regular pricing at $9.99.

“iPad Animation” was also designed to serve as a resource for schools and teachers looking to integrate the iPad into the curriculum worldwide. “We’ve had teachers tell us that their board has purchased a suite of iPads, and now they have to prove to the parents that they are a benefit to the learning, and not just a browsing device,” Craig says. “‘iPad Animation’ 100% meets that opportunity to turn the iPad into a creativity station. We want to get a copy of this book into every school – and the iStopMotion app as well of course.

Craig was even able to include some of his own stop motion films in the iBook. He created a short stop motion film on the water cycle to be used as a case study. “I was looking for a more curriculum-based example of stop motion to balance the drama and art examples. I felt the water cycle was a good and simple topic that could be described in a short example for the book,” Craig says.

A Japanese exchange student at Newtown Movie School introduced the house to the art of origami, and, after seeing her models, Craig knew it would be the perfect addition to his water cycle movie idea. The script was researched and written in an hour, and the audio recorded in another hour. Then, Craig passed the dialogue audio on to his musician Theo Corfiatis from bluexrysalis.com to create in GarageBand.

I was a bit ambitious thinking I could record the pictures in a day,” Craig laughs. “It took a day to make all the origami models. I thought through each scene like a storyboard to ensure I had the right models prepared.

Recording the pictures took another day and involved quite a few rig setups to set each scene, which Craig particularly likes creating in order to achieve cool camera moves. Eventually, Craig wants to make the water cycle film available as a movie of “pictures and music” for the iBook so people can voice their own translation. He thinks it will be really great to see German, French, Italian, and Russian versions. To get involved in the global project, follow the simple steps posted on Craig’s site.

“iPad Animation” is now available through the iBookstore. It includes 26 movies, 23 sounds and about 700 images. For more information on “iPad Animation,” check out Craig’s website. Don't have iStopMotion for iPad yet? Not to worry: it's currently on sale for 50% off, at just $4.99 - special pricing ends December 15th, so get it before it's too late!

Win an Apogee MiC With Your “iPad Animation” Purchase
To celebrate the launch of his book, Craig Lauridsen will be giving away an Apogee MiC, provided courtesy of Apogee Electronics. This studio-quality microphone connects directly to the iPad, iPhone and Mac and lets you record any sound you can imagine, from vocals to voice-overs, instruments to interviews, and absolutely everything in between, so you can build a great track for your stop motion movie.

To enter this contest, simply purchase the “iPad Animation” iBook, then register and download the soundtracks on Craig’s site, which are high quality MP3s and original, fully editable GarageBand files. Participants will receive 15 extra soundtracks as an exclusive bonus. All soundtracks are original and have been composed by Wellington musician Theo Corfiatis. Participants must complete these steps by January 31, 2014 to be eligible to win. Craig will draw the winner randomly from all valid entries.