One Day in Korpo

by Megan -

Check out this great iStopMotion time-lapse video submission from Mathias Thibaud! It details a day in the life of Korpo, which is a small island in the Finnish archipelago. The short film was made using an iPhone 5 connected by Wi-Fi to a Mac using iStopMotion.

“En dag i Korpo,” or “One Day in Korpo,” poses a question we’ve all heard in relation to our home town: “But what do you really do there?!” The film takes us through all of the things a resident of Korpo does on an average day. They include chopping wood, cooking and eating pizza (our personal favorite), cleaning dishes, building furniture, going out to eat at cafes, watching boats go by, reading, and of course, relaxing!

Isn’t it lovely to live in Korpo? We sure think so! Show us what’s wonderful about your own hometown by creating your own iStopMotion video!