Fighting Robots … Who Will Win?

by Megan -

Our old friend Selina Briggs is back with her famous robot, Jelly, and they are ready for action. For those unfamiliar with the Jelly Empire, we’ll give you a quick recap. The Jelly Empire is about a robot named Jelly whose ultimate goal is to take over the world – and everyone’s hearts – to create an empire! Jelly started off as a 2D illustration, and he has progressed into a 3D interactive figure in Selina’s iStopMotion animation videos. He can also be found among Selina’s growing collection of collectable designer toys, comics, clothes and accessories.

Selina’s latest videos feature Jelly wrestling in a winner-takes-all contest with six Luchabots (Jellybots painted to look like Luchadores – also known as lucha libres, a type of professional wrestler from Spanish-speaking countries). Fans were able to vote on the Luchabot matches to decide the outcome. Selina chose iStopMotion to make the Jellybots come to life because she believes it’s a great medium for toys.

My original attempt was on a Nintendo 3DS, but the screen resolution was really low and there were no features,” she says. “I owned an iPad and an iPhone, so the next step was iStopMotion for the iPad. This definitely made for a huge change in quality!

Using iStopMotion for iPad worked well for her short videos, but when the scope of these videos increased, she needed to find better means. That’s when she started using iStopMotion 3 for Mac. It’s been her go-to program ever since.

I still use an iPhone 4S as my capture device,” Selina says. “I’m considering buying a high-end camera to up the quality further, but then again, I’ve just ordered an iPhone 5S, so I’ll see how that works first! I love the easy functionality of marrying the two devices.

In the future, Selina hopes to move from resin to vinyl figures. She would also like to start taking her illustrations into the world of storytelling. Specifically, she’s looking into publishing a children’s book. Most recently, Selina kept busy prepping for New York Comic Con, which just took place from October 9th through 12th, where she was selling all the toys seen in her videos. She also just finished up a Jelly League promo (a parody of Justice League).

Check out the Jelly Empire channel on YouTube here for more of Selina’s work. And be sure to watch rounds one and two of the Luchabots Jelly Bot fights and the final round - above - to find out who wins!

Luchabots Fights - Round One
Round Two