Get Your Special MacTech Conference Event Discount Now From Boinx!

by Megan -

Are you going to MacTech Conference 2013? We are! Come see us November 6-8 at the Manhattan Beach Marriott in Los Angeles. It’s looking awesome so far! The speakers are incredible. The content is fantastic. The hallway discussions and interactions are the best. We’re even using BoinxTV to make the videos for the event again! The event’s registration is ahead of last year, and MacTech’s expanded hotel guest room block discounts are almost sold out.

It’s your last chance to register, and as a sponsor, we have a special surprise just for you! Register now using our special link and save an extra $100 off the already discounted early-bird price available now. That’s a total savings of $400 off the event!

The hotel discount block is selling out fast, and it’s scheduled to end this coming weekend. Pre-registration discounts are also almost over. Hurry and register now for a steep discount on us!

What: MacTech Conference 2013
Where: Manhattan Beach Marriott in Los Angeles, California
When: November 6th-8th
Who Should Attend: Technologists passionate about improving their craft. IT professionals. Consultants. Programmers and developers that focus on Apple technologies. Check out the sessions here! If you’re still not sure, check out MacTech’s “Why Attend” page here, or take a look at tweets about last year’s event here!
What’s New: New venue. Expanded schedule. Pre-conference workshops. More sessions. More certifications. More labs. New vendor forums. Want more? Check out the full list here!

Here is some info on how we recorded the conference using BoinxTV last year:

The BoinxTV Configuration
At the core of the whole operation was of course BoinxTV running on our MacBook Pros. We had the two cameras connected via Thunderbolt to FireWire adaptors, the presenters’ computer screen grabbed via USB and the sound captured via USB. All this media came into BoinxTV simultaneously and needed to be synced up and adorned with lower thirds, which included a MacTech logo and other graphics, all in real time, then recorded to disk.

To pull off this magic, BoinxTV uses a stack of Layers, each representing an object on screen. A switcher layer allows the operator (Bastian in our case) to switch between various video sources, another layer displays the MacTech logo, and a presenter screen layer creates the two-up view, with the speaker in the corner on top of his larger-than-life slides. Bastian controlled all of these layers through his control surface on the iPad. With the push of a button, a whole set of layers and myriads of settings per layer could be changed. All this happened while the speakers were giving their talks. Although MacTech chose not to broadcast this as a live stream, it would have been easily possible.

Read a recap from TUAW here.