Show Off Your Pictures With Laser Precision

by Megan -

On September 9th, we launched our newest app, PhotoPresenter for iOSmore info). With PhotoPresenter, you can randomly pick photos and videos from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch library and display them on a larger screen using either AirPlay or an HDMI/VGA adapter. It’s a must-have app for anyone looking for an easy way to share pictures from their iDevice without putting private photos on display for the world to see. We’re happy to say that after just a few short weeks on the market, we’re giving PhotoPresenter for iOS a fresh look for iOS 7, as well as some other pretty cool functions.

PhotoPresenter 2 for iOS introduces a few brand new features that greatly increase the app’s ease of use, including a new Laser Pointer tool. Just tap your finger to the feature in your photo you want to point out, and a blue laser pointer will appear on the big screen, directing your audience’s attention wherever you want. Also included in the update is the “Mouseposé” mode. Simply choose an area to appear in the spotlight, and the rest of your photo will be dimmed to showcase that important feature. If you’ve updated to iOS 7, have no fear. PhotoPresenter 2 has been completely revamped for the new look!

If you’ve already purchased PhotoPresenter, the update is free of charge. If you don’t already have the app, download it on iTunes for just 0.99 USD for a limited time only - but hurry, this price only lasts until October 6th, when the app will go back to its regular retail price of 1.99 USD. Get it now here. It’s the perfect tool to show off select photos to your family, friends, or clients without broadcasting your entire photo library!

PhotoPresenter has already made it into iTunes’ Top 10 Apps in a number of countries. And for good reason – users can show off their pictures with just three simple steps. First, hook up your device to an HDTV set or a projector with an HDMI/VGA adapter, or via AirPlay. Next, browse your library to find which pictures and videos you want to show your audience. Then click! Your selected media will be shown on the big screen while the rest of your photo library remains hidden.