Make Your Holiday Memories Last With FotoMagico 4

by Megan -

For most of us, the holiday season is over, or maybe just wrapping up. But that doesn’t mean the spirit of the holidays is gone until next winter! In fact, now that all of the craziness of the holidays has finally settled down a bit, this is a great time to focus on all of the things that had to take a back seat for the past few weeks. One great project to focus on that will help keep that spirit alive is organizing the many photos you probably took during holiday gatherings and celebrations. How to do that, you ask? With FotoMagico of course!

Now, if your family is anything like mine, you’ve probably got a “photographer” of the family (if you’re shaking your head “no,” you just might be that person…), who takes tons and tons of pictures. Every year, during our traditional celebration, we have to get together and pose for pictures, and every year we all ask – where do these pictures end up anyway?! Sound familiar? Maybe, maybe not. But either way, these photos should end up in a FotoMagico slideshow. It’s the perfect way to put these special memories on display and share them with loved ones after everyone says their goodbyes and carries on with their every day lives.

Still not sure FotoMagico is right for you? Just take it from Danielle at GizmoFusion! She gave FotoMagico 4 FIVE stars – so you know it’s good. Here’s a little bit of what she’s got to say about our slideshow app:

“I took the time to create a slideshow using FotoMagico 4, and I was amazed at how simple it really was. The app uses Storyboard to help you create your slideshow. It is as easy as dragging your photos into place on the board in order to choose where you want to display them. It is extremely easy to delete and rearrange your photos, which is as easy as dragging a photo to a different spot or out of the storyboard completely. You can add text, background music, multiple photos to each individual slide, and you can even make the slides line up with the music! It takes little to no effort to add these effects to your slides, and the ability to layer photos on each slide is one of the best features in the app.

…I love using this app to create slideshows, and then displaying them on my Apple TV. This is a great app for creating slideshows, and I have yet to find anything else out there that compares to it. This app is available for just $99.99, which is very reasonable compared to other apps out there that are similar.”

Read Danielle’s full review of FotoMagico 4 on GizmoFusion here!. Plus check out the demo above to see what’s possible when you use FotoMagico 4!