iStopMotion for iPad 2 Set for Macworld Debut

by Megan -

We’re back and very excited! Macworld/iWorld Expo is just around the corner and we can’t wait to be back in San Francisco for the iFan event. Tomorrow at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco, the best minds of the industry are gathering together for three days of product demonstrations, debuts, and tech talks. The coolest gadgets, accessories and apps for the upcoming year will be on display. This isn’t an event any technophile or iFan will want to miss out on!

Boinx will be there to show off their latest development with iStopMotion for iPad 2. Introduced this past December, this latest version of the stop motion favorite brings the gift of sound to its users for the first time. The new iStopMotion audio capabilities mimic the ingenuity of the platform that hosts it, the iPad, providing a variety of ways to incorporate sound and flex your creative genius.

“The launch of iStopMotion for iPad 2 is the next step in our success story, adding the second most important moviemaking feature to the app – sound,” Boinx Software CEO Oliver Breidenbach said. “What is a movie without sound, after all?”

PadGadget says the new app is “great for facilitating creativity with simple objects around the house” and “worth the download.” But we encourage you to come find out for yourself! The app, which usually retails at $9.99, is on sale now until the last day of Macworld for only $4.99. So if you’ve got the itch to animate and a few hours to delve into the world of stop motion, get iStopMotion for iPad 2 now and come meet us at our booth. We’d love to check out your animating chops!

Joining us again this year will be stop motion professional filmmakers Gordon Straub and Eli Africa. They’ll be there to help you with any questions about the app, filmmaking, or life in general, along with our friendly and enthusiastic team! Gordon’s iStopMotion film, “Summertime,” can be seen above.

The last day for free admission is TODAY, so make sure you grab your tickets now and get down to the Expo one, two, or all three days. The Boinx Software team can be found at booth 718-79 in the Appalooza. Bring your friends! Bring your family! But most importantly, bring your love for all things techie!