New Year’s Resolution: More iStopMotion!

by Megan -

Happy New Year, everyone! 2013 is here and along with it resolutions to make this one a happy, healthy and successful year. In his nod to the New Year, new beginnings and new tools to help make it a great year, Kirk Hiner of Technology Tell names iStopMotion as one of his New Year’s App Solutions. He tells readers that, with the help of iStopMotion, aspiring filmmakers no longer need to rely on others to help make their moviemaking fantasies come true – they just need a few inanimate objects (though he does mention a few extra helpers couldn’t hurt). Here’s a bit more from Kirk:

“That’s the problem with making your own movie…people keep getting fed up and going home. The technology may be available to you now, but unless you’re still in college or just have a bunch of motivated [read: really bored] friends, it’s hard to get everyone together to write, rehearse, and act out a movie.

That’s where Boinx iStopMotion comes into play. With iStopMotion, you don’t need anyone other than yourself…although some help from one or two others dedicated to the project can certainly help. This process isn’t easy, after all, but the good news is that the majority of the work will be in the hands of yourself and Boinx’s iStopMotion 3 for OS X.

iStopMotion is an absolutely amazing program that puts the majority of the editing tools you need right on your desktop. By connecting a camera or camcorder to your Mac, the software allows you to take a shot then adjust the placement of your subjects for the next shot.”

Read Kirk’s full review on Technology Tell here!

Be sure to submit your own iStopMotion work here. Here’s to an awesome year!