Winter Doldrums Got You Down?

by Megan -

For many of us, January means blustery days with little escape from the cold bite of winter. Some people get out of their parkas and into a bathing suit by visiting a locale with a warmer climate, but for those of us who can’t just hop on a plane, sometimes just seeing photos of a hot, sunny place can warm us up on the inside. If you’re in the latter camp (like myself), watch this FotoMagico slideshow of Monterey Pier in the beautiful state of California.

The hybrid video, which was made by Uwe Steinmueller, who is the editor of Digital Outback Photo, and his wife Bettina, features a fantastic array of their own original photography and videos. We especially like the video shot of a gaggle of sealions hanging out near the pier. And even though we wish we could actually be in Monterey, we’ll settle for watching this FotoMagico slideshow and simply daydream about the sun-filled pier. Stay warm!