Created to Create

by Megan -

Remember when you were a kid, and something as simple as a drawing or your favorite Barbie or G.I. Joe doll could come to life with just the spark of your imagination? What would you do if your drawing actually DID come to life, popping out of its stark-white paper home before your very eyes? That’s exactly what happens in the iStopMotion short above, Højer Designefterskole - Skabt til at skabe! (Danish for Hoejer Design School: Created to Create!), animated by Christian Koch, a Copenhagen-based graphic designer.

After traversing across the workspace from one sheet of paper to another, Christian’s permanent marker figure strikes poses for the iPad camera in the form of some of our favorite Internet memes just before escaping the two-dimensional bleakness. After some reconstructive work, the little guy forays into the world of three dimensions, producing a bright idea along the way.

The short movie was made using Boinx’s Remote Camera App on the iPhone 4s, a tripod, and iStopMotion, which Christian said was “very easy to use and great value for money.” Also in the mix were props, lights, humor, a couple hours of work, and a little help from some sharp-minded friends – which clearly all paid off in the end! Christian’s film was created for Hoejer Design School, which was “Created to Create” (kind of like iStopMotion!), a Danish school where students can develop creativity and their “desire to design.” Students at the design school partake in projects such as producing their own animated films and computer games. Check them out to see what these talented students can create!