iStopMotion 3 is the Teacher’s Pet

by Megan -

The beginning of a new school year is upon us, and with every new school year comes new teachers, new lessons and new tools to help make those lessons come alive. Leading the pack is iStopMotion 3, which has already received its first A+ of the year from the Wired Educator.

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Boinx software. I’ve reviewed it, and loved it, again and again. Boinx is a company that clearly understands what teachers and students need. They continually produce exciting software, and refining existing applications, that engage learning and implement wonderful easy-to-navigate user interfaces.

iStopMotion from Boinx has been one of my favorite applications for both the iPad and my MacBook, and now it just got even more amazing.

Boinx’s award-winning stop motion and time lapse standard has just been redesigned with several incredible new features.

First of all, Boinx detonated a nuclear bomb with their new pricing of this product. iStopMotion 2 originally sold for $499.00, but this new updated release has dropped the price to just $49.99 for iStopMotion 3. (It was even on sale this Labor Day Weekend at $29.99.) Despite the lower price point, iStopMotion 3 has all the features of its predecessor and several new ones too. The pricing is perfect for educators. You can purchase it on the Mac App store.

A teacher himself, the Wired Educator uses iStopMotion with his students for digital story telling projects. He reports his students' stop motion animations and time lapse movies are not only impressive, but clearly help develop and display their critical thinking skills. We strongly believe in the power of technology in the classroom, and we’re so happy to hear they’ve had such a successful implementation of the software! Check out the Wired Educator's example above to see what is possible with iStopMotion.

The Wired Educator’s final comments? “This is an incredible application at an incredible price. Wired Educator gives it our highest recommendation. We want this installed on every MacBook so students can create digital stories and projects that Wow! their audiences. Never before has animation and stop motion animation been so simple yet so powerful, and so affordable. The possibilities for what this great software can do is limited only to the imagination of those using it.

Thank you to the Wired Educator for helping us start the school year off on such a positive note!