by Megan -

If you were stranded on an island, what three things could you not live without? We all know this age-old question, and for these two shipwrecked pirates, it’s a catapult, a keg of ale, and, of course, Atari Pong (hey, this shipwrecking doesn’t sound so bad after all…). Watch as these two mate-ys attempt (and fail) and attempt again to escape their lonely fate on the island set in shark-infested waters.

Directed and animated by Jarren Harkema, Brickwrecked was shot using iStopMotion for iPad on a 3rd generation iPad, then edited on a MacBook Pro using iMovie. As for the animation process using iStopMotion for iPad, Jarren says, “It was so simple to use, and yet very flexible to allow for various fields of depth and lighting. Loved the instant playback and easy editing!