BoinxTV at photokina: Delivering the Exclusive Scoop

by Megan -

photokina, the photography event of the year (or of every two years, we should say) began just a few days ago on Tuesday. Since then, with the unwavering help of BoinxTV, the photokinaTV team has been producing a series of exclusive interviews with vendors, photographers, and more on FotoTV. The production is run entirely on BoinxTV using a Mac Pro, three Sony HDV cameras and one HDMI signal – oh, and an iPhone, which our resident video guy Bastian built in order to control BoinxTV.

Over the past four days, the crew has produced about 10 15-minute videos per day, which averages one show per hour. With about 30 minutes of pre-production prep and 10 to 15 minutes of production, the team has each video uploaded to the photokina website within the hour. If the photokinaTV crew had to rely on traditional editing, this fast turnaround just wouldn’t be possible. With BoinxTV, they’re able to get the news – and the latest scoop from exhibitors – on the site at the same time the news is announced to the world. One example of this was Canon’s announcement of its brand new EOS 6D. And with little to no room for any technical hiccups, the BoinxTV studio has proven to be a rock-solid production set-up.

In the above video, Bastian speaks with photokinaTV host Marc Ludwig about the latest upgrade to Boinx’s FotoMagico. They discuss the newest features in version 4 and how it differs from previous versions, as well as how professional photographers can use FotoMagico 4 to vastly improve their slideshow creation skills, even without a computer-science degree. Check it out – but be warned! The interview is in German, so if you’re not up on your German-speaking skills, simply check out this blog post where we spell out what’s new in FotoMagico 4. Not enough? Test drive the beta version and see for yourself!