Get Your Ani-Mat On!

by Megan -

Now that you’ve got iStopMotion 3, it’s time to start making some animations of your own, and the first thing you’ll need is some characters to star in the show. Helping you get started is The Ani-Mat Guidebook – a book that will show you how to easily create and animate your own claymation models. In this guidebook by Mark Boylan, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to sculpt clay figurines along with useful tips and tricks that will make your animations really stand out.

Ani-Mats were originally devised to help kickstart your stop motion animation projects by demonstrating how to make twelve models to animate.

This guidebook perfectly compliments the original Ani-Mats with clear text, pictures and interactive elements that illustrate the step-by-step process to create twelve amazing characters. Progressing from simple to easy and then onto tricky characters children and adults alike can soon craft a model to animate, ideal for the classroom or home.

As well as the guide to building amazing characters the book also contains chapters with lots of useful tips and tricks for stop motion animators and on how to bring your characters to life through expressions and basic lip syncing.

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