Abraham Lincoln in "Vampire Vengeance"

by Megan -

Whether or not you saw this summer’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, or thought the movie is a total abomination of America’s 16th president, you have to admit, Vampire Vengeance, the stop motion animation parody of the film, is pretty darn cool. Created by The Official Filmy Guy, Sean Willets, the film was made using iStopMotion and is a smart take on the action flick. Short and sweet, the iStopMotion animation is expertly done, and the twist in the end really made us chuckle (but you’ll have to watch to find out what happens – and who makes a special appearance).

Sean animated the film using Boinx’s iStopMotion, with editing and special effects created using Final Cut Express, LiveType, Soundtrack and Photoshop. Check out more of his Lego superhero parody films – all made with iStopMotion – here!