What's the Coolest Photo Slideshow App? FotoMagico, of Course!

by Megan -

If you want to add another dimension of life to your static and, let's face it, sometimes boring photos, FotoMagico is the tool for you. Don't believe us? Just ask Mac360, who says FotoMagico is "The coolest, most capable, most Mac-like photo slideshow app for the rest of us." Thanks for the back up, guys!

"At the other end of the scale is the home version of FotoMagico, a Mac slideshow app with tools and capability that go beyond iPhoto, beyond Aperture, to make broadcast quality video productions from nothing more than your photos.

FotoMagico’s base app gives you a set of desirable tools. Included are transitions between slides with granular controls.

Drag and drop photos into FotoMagico from iPhoto and quickly arrange a slideshow timeline. Then, go back to each photo and arrange the onscreen effects. Text, motion (zoom, pans, etc.) and effects.

Slideshow creation can be instant, or you control every aspect of each component. How long a transition from photo to photo takes. Fonts and font sizes. FotoMagico makes it easy to add motion to text on screen, just like you see in TV commercials.

The basic version also lets you drop in video clips as if they were photos, and give them the same treatment and integration. Controls are detailed and extensive but not difficult to learn."

Think this sounds awesome? You're in for a treat - we're giving FotoMagico another dose of magic. That's right, FotoMagico 4 will be coming to a Mac near you this September. Can't wait until then?? We've got you covered! Just download a free beta test of FotoMagico 4 and get to work!