Mountain Lion and Boinx Software

by Oliver -

Apple has released OS X 10.8 “Mountain Lion” and here is a quick overview of the status of our products with regard to Mountain Lion compatibility. Currently, all downloads from have been updated to be signed with DeveloperID to support the new Gatekeeper for increased security. Please read below on the compatibility status of individual apps.

iStopMotion 2

All Basic Features work just fine under OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Known Issues

  • IIDC type cameras (like the FireWire iSight camera) seem to generally not work on OS X Mountain Lion right now.
  • There is an issue with some of the HD export presets in iStopMotion. Use custom export settings instead, those work fine.


A major new version is in the works and will be released soon with improved Mountain Lion compatibility and support for the Retina display.

FotoMagico 3

FotoMagico 3.8.6 has just been released with fixes for some issues related to Mountain Lion. It is available for download from our website and has been submitted to the Mac App Store for approval.

Known Issues

  • Screensavers exported from FotoMagico don’t run on OS X Mountain Lion.
  • YouTube export sometimes claims it failed. In that case check your YouTube page, as it usually works despite the error message.
  • Exported standalone players can’t be played on other computers running OS X Mountain Lion. They do work on your own machine.


FotoMagico 4 is currently available as a Public Beta and will be released soon with improved Mountain Lion compatibility and support for the Retina display.

BoinxTV and BoinxTV Home

BoinxTV and BoinxTV Home are currently not compatible with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Users should stay on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard with their production systems until an update becomes available.

Known issues

  • Fullscreen mode doesn't work.
  • Axis IP Camera Layer doesn’t work.
  • Quick Look 3D Layer doesn’t work.
  • Requesting a 30-Day-Unlimited Demo doesn't work.
  • Looking at a media source with Quick Look could take quite some time.
  • Dragging Files from iMedia Browser to layer or media repository doesn't work.
  • AppleScripts after export don't work.
  • There may be more issues with third-party hardware and software components that we are not yet fully aware of, as many drivers still have not received updates for Mountain Lion.


BoinxTV 1.9 is scheduled to be released in early fall with Mountain Lion support.


Known Issues

  • Screensavers exported from PhotoPresenter don’t run on OS X Mountain Lion.

Despite of that the current version 4.1.6 is ready for Mountain Lion and Gatekeeper.


No Mountain Lion specific issues are known. The current version 3.2.2 available at the Mac App Store is ready for Mountain Lion.


Noise Industries provides an update to FxFactory 3.0.5 with Mountain Lion compatibility.