The Apple Gazette Gives iStopMotion for iPad 5 Stars

by Megan -

The Apple Gazette, “Your Ultimate Guide to Thinking Differently,” sat down to give iStopMotion for iPad a spin – and wasn’t disappointed. In its review, the Apple Gazette gives Boinx’s app the full rundown, from resolution and playback speed to focus and exposure. Here’s what they have to say about our stop motion animation app for the iPad:

There are dozens of stop-motion animation apps available in the App Store, but it’s harder to imagine one that’s easier to use while still being powerful, than iStopMotion. It also might be the only one made specifically for the iPad.

iStopMotion is characterized by smooth controls that make it simple to create your own animations with one-tap buttons. Smartly designed with user-friendly controls, I can’t imagine anyone that couldn’t quickly and easily create their own stop-motion animated films.

After providing a great overview of the app and its many features, the Apple Gazette finishes with this:

The iPad has long been criticized as a content-consumption device only. But smart creativity apps like iStopMotion are challenging those assertions with powerful counter-arguments. It probably doesn’t have every bell-and-whistle that pros might be looking for, but it’s a darn near perfect creation tool for your iPad. There’s a kind of joy that only comes from the ideal marriage of creation and technology — a marriage that enhances and realizes the full potential of both things. Even non-animators will find iStopMotion a source of this addictive brand of fun.

The Apple Gazette's Verdict: 5 Stars! Read the full review here.

PS: If you ARE looking for every bell and whistle, check out iStopMotion Pro, Boinx Software’s iStopMotion animation application for the Mac, with a Tilt Shift Filter, Color Correction, Camera Support and more. You won’t be disappointed!