A Lego in an iMac

by Megan -

What do you do when a Lego man gets trapped in your iMac? Enrique Fuster of HarryAndBillyBrick Productions finds out in A Lego in an iMac. Chaos ensues when Enrique plugs his iPod into the computer, sucking the little character through the wire and throwing him onto the iMac's desktop.

Well, we’re not exactly sure what he’s saying (okay, so I didn't exactly ACE my Spanish classes...), but that doesn’t stop this from being a hilarious stop motion film. Watch as the Lego man dodges the dreaded mouse chasing after him, jumping from one program screen to another, diving behind internet tabs and popping out in a wild game of hide and seek. At one point, the Lego even finds a gun, firing away (unsuccessfully) at the user’s mouse. Finally, Enrique tosses the man into a folder and locks it before he has time to jump out.

Enrique’s Lego character animation was done using a green screen, and many of the sequences consist of screenshots made on his iMac, streamed together to create a fluid stop motion animation. He assembled the piece using iStopMotion and edited all of the clips using Final Cut Express. The audio accompanying the film was made with GarageBand.

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