Dive Into Another Multi-Sensory Experience with American Royalty

by Megan -

Jeff Scher and American Royalty are teaming up again to bring you a whole new multi-sensory experience, this time in the band’s latest track off the Matchstick EP, Blood Keys. The music video is yet another perfect visual translation of the band’s new and slightly darker song (one might say the collaboration is a match made in music video heaven – Jeff achieved the same audio/visual harmony in his film for American Royalty’s song, Matchstick). My personal recommendation for watching this video – turn up the volume, set the film to full screen, and enjoy!

To create the film, Jeff used a combination of techniques, but it was mostly shot under a camera and animated by hand. A good portion of the film is in 16mm, transferred in his homemade telecine. Jeff used a lot backlit cells and multiple prisms on the lenses. About a third of the Blood Keys video was created with iStopMotion using the same prisms used on the film camera. But Jeff isn’t your every-day kind of iStopMotion animator…

I like to use iStopMotion as a kind of editing tool,” Jeff tells us. “It's possible to think of it as a kind of optical printer, in that things we used to have to do in complicated ways (without any mistakes, ever) on film can be done really effortlessly with iStopMotion. If, for example, I want to make a strange frame order, or double up frames for a tiny bit to make it run slower – that kind of stuff. The visible time line of frames is super handy micro editing tool and empowers lots of opportunities for mischief.

So whether you’re using iStopMotion for traditional claymation and stop motion animated films or getting a little bit clever with it, it’s a really fun tool useful for animating in all shapes and sizes!

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