Bikelapse: An iStopMotion Journey to the Boinx Software Headquarters

by Megan -

At Boinx, not only are our employees extremely tech savvy (if we do say so ourselves), but they’re also healthy and environmentally conscious! So when our intern Peter Kraml found out Bastian Wölfle had been riding his bike to work every day, Peter decided to join him. Naturally, the two decided to create a time lapse of their journey to the office – over 2,000 images! Peter captured images with his iPhone, using an iPhone Bike Mount to stabilize the phone.

Peter then imported the images into iStopMotion to create the time lapse and combined it with a pretty sweet HUD and map in the lower left-hand corner displaying his and Bastian’s whereabouts. The HUD shows some basic information, like the guys’ current speed, elevation change and cycled kilometers. Check it out and take a tour of Boinx's hometown of Puchheim, Germany. Maybe you’ll even feel inspired to commute to work the green and healthy way! If you do, be sure to capture your journey and transform it into an iStopMotion masterpiece.

Find out more about how Peter created Bikelapse!