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by Megan - -

Ever find yourself in a funk that you just can’t seem to get out of? Sometimes it takes something as silly as a leaf floating down from the trees to cheer you up. This is exactly what happens to an old man in Aurora Nunez’s short iStopMotion film, Happy Leaf. A bus zooms right past him as he's waiting on the bench, leaving him quite unhappy, to say the least.

I felt like the grumpy man was just an exaggeration of all of us when we have a bad day,” Aurora says in the video’s YouTube posting. “Everyone has those days, but in my character's case a single leaf and imagination make the day better. I choose the leaf because that day I had a flashback. If you put a leaf between your thumbs and blow it will make a noise and it will make you giggle like a child.”

I must say, the old man’s music sounds much nicer than mine when I used to “play music” with leaves or blades of grass as a child. A fantastic jazz medley ensues as fans gather to watch him perform. The fun spark of imagination really cheers the man up, reminding us that sometimes, when you’re feeling down, you just need to close your eyes and use your imagination to pump yourself up again. One way you can do this is by making an iStopMotion animation of your own!

Of her animation, Aurora, 17, said she used wire, putty, paper and thread to create and animate the doll. She used a scenic picture downloaded from the Internet as her background and used two planes to make it easier for the pieces to move around. Stop motion animation created using Boinx's iStopMotion. Isn’t it just amazing what you can do with every day objects? Well done, Aurora, and thanks for the pick-me-up!

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by Oliver - -

Apple has released OS X 10.8 “Mountain Lion” and here is a quick overview of the status of our products with regard to Mountain Lion compatibility. Currently, all downloads from boinx.com have been updated to be signed with DeveloperID to support the new Gatekeeper for increased security. Please read below on the compatibility status of individual apps.

iStopMotion 2

All Basic Features work just fine under OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Known Issues

  • IIDC type cameras (like the FireWire iSight camera) seem to generally not work on OS X Mountain Lion right now.
  • There is an issue with some of the HD export presets in iStopMotion. Use custom export settings instead, those work fine.


A major new version is in the works and will be released soon with improved Mountain Lion compatibility and support for the Retina display.

FotoMagico 3

FotoMagico 3.8.6 has just been released with fixes for some issues related to Mountain Lion. It is available for download from our website and has been submitted to the Mac App Store for approval.

Known Issues

  • Screensavers exported from FotoMagico don’t run on OS X Mountain Lion.
  • YouTube export sometimes claims it failed. In that case check your YouTube page, as it usually works despite the error message.
  • Exported standalone players can’t be played on other computers running OS X Mountain Lion. They do work on your own machine.


FotoMagico 4 is currently available as a Public Beta and will be released soon with improved Mountain Lion compatibility and support for the Retina display.

BoinxTV and BoinxTV Home

BoinxTV and BoinxTV Home are currently not compatible with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Users should stay on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard with their production systems until an update becomes available.

Known issues

  • Fullscreen mode doesn't work.
  • Axis IP Camera Layer doesn’t work.
  • Quick Look 3D Layer doesn’t work.
  • Requesting a 30-Day-Unlimited Demo doesn't work.
  • Looking at a media source with Quick Look could take quite some time.
  • Dragging Files from iMedia Browser to layer or media repository doesn't work.
  • AppleScripts after export don't work.
  • There may be more issues with third-party hardware and software components that we are not yet fully aware of, as many drivers still have not received updates for Mountain Lion.


BoinxTV 1.9 is scheduled to be released in early fall with Mountain Lion support.


Known Issues

  • Screensavers exported from PhotoPresenter don’t run on OS X Mountain Lion.

Despite of that the current version 4.1.6 is ready for Mountain Lion and Gatekeeper.


No Mountain Lion specific issues are known. The current version 3.2.2 available at the Mac App Store is ready for Mountain Lion.


Noise Industries provides an update to FxFactory 3.0.5 with Mountain Lion compatibility.


by Megan - -

Everyone knows the saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” In their short film, “ReisePapiere,” or “Traveling Papers,” Sarah Mauer and Mirko Plengemeyer illustrate this old adage perfectly. A young man sits at his desk, reading a postcard over and over again from his love, who is waiting for him on the other side of the world. Lost in a daydream, he imagines an animation of himself traveling across the globe to his girlfriend, who greets him with a kiss on the cheek.

Filmmakers Sarah and Mirko used iStopMotion to create the animated sequences on the globe. They shot the rest of the film with a Canon EOS 1000D, which actually has no video function. To capture moving pictures, the two used a program called EOS Movie Record, which generates video through the camera’s LiveView function.

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by Megan - -

The Apple Gazette, “Your Ultimate Guide to Thinking Differently,” sat down to give iStopMotion for iPad a spin – and wasn’t disappointed. In its review, the Apple Gazette gives Boinx’s app the full rundown, from resolution and playback speed to focus and exposure. Here’s what they have to say about our stop motion animation app for the iPad:

There are dozens of stop-motion animation apps available in the App Store, but it’s harder to imagine one that’s easier to use while still being powerful, than iStopMotion. It also might be the only one made specifically for the iPad.

iStopMotion is characterized by smooth controls that make it simple to create your own animations with one-tap buttons. Smartly designed with user-friendly controls, I can’t imagine anyone that couldn’t quickly and easily create their own stop-motion animated films.

After providing a great overview of the app and its many features, the Apple Gazette finishes with this:

The iPad has long been criticized as a content-consumption device only. But smart creativity apps like iStopMotion are challenging those assertions with powerful counter-arguments. It probably doesn’t have every bell-and-whistle that pros might be looking for, but it’s a darn near perfect creation tool for your iPad. There’s a kind of joy that only comes from the ideal marriage of creation and technology — a marriage that enhances and realizes the full potential of both things. Even non-animators will find iStopMotion a source of this addictive brand of fun.

The Apple Gazette's Verdict: 5 Stars! Read the full review here.

PS: If you ARE looking for every bell and whistle, check out iStopMotion Pro, Boinx Software’s iStopMotion animation application for the Mac, with a Tilt Shift Filter, Color Correction, Camera Support and more. You won’t be disappointed!

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by Megan - -

What do you do when a Lego man gets trapped in your iMac? Enrique Fuster of HarryAndBillyBrick Productions finds out in A Lego in an iMac. Chaos ensues when Enrique plugs his iPod into the computer, sucking the little character through the wire and throwing him onto the iMac's desktop.

Well, we’re not exactly sure what he’s saying (okay, so I didn't exactly ACE my Spanish classes...), but that doesn’t stop this from being a hilarious stop motion film. Watch as the Lego man dodges the dreaded mouse chasing after him, jumping from one program screen to another, diving behind internet tabs and popping out in a wild game of hide and seek. At one point, the Lego even finds a gun, firing away (unsuccessfully) at the user’s mouse. Finally, Enrique tosses the man into a folder and locks it before he has time to jump out.

Enrique’s Lego character animation was done using a green screen, and many of the sequences consist of screenshots made on his iMac, streamed together to create a fluid stop motion animation. He assembled the piece using iStopMotion and edited all of the clips using Final Cut Express. The audio accompanying the film was made with GarageBand.

Find out more about how Enrique created A Lego in an iMac

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by Megan - -

In her round up of Cool gear for summer photography in USA Today Tech, Alice Truong names iStopMotion as a great way of recording beautiful time lapses. What better way to document all of your summer vacations, road trips and transformations?! Also great for a rainy day, iStopMotion is a fun way to spend time indoors animating your favorite every day objects and injecting life into what might otherwise be a boring day stuck inside.

Alice says:

Compiling timelapse videos requires sifting through hundreds if not thousands of photos. This is quite a laborious process, made better with Boinx's iStopMotion applications for Apple desktops and iPads.

As the name suggests, the software is designed for animation and stop-motion movies. But it can handle timelapses beautifully as well in two ways. There's an option to capture frames as you're using the application. But if you're looking to shoot on location, dragging a laptop around might be too cumbersome, so the software includes an option to import previously taken photos to quickly process and output videos.

Also useful for capturing time lapse videos while on location is iStopMotion for iPad, which allows users to snap photos right from an iPad 2 or later or with the iStopMotion Remote Camera app on an iPhone or iPod with camera. Alice put together a short video explaining how to use iStopMotion for Mac, along with a very nice time lapse of San Francisco. Find out what other photography gear is essential to making memories that last this summer!

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by Megan - -

Jeff Scher and American Royalty are teaming up again to bring you a whole new multi-sensory experience, this time in the band’s latest track off the Matchstick EP, Blood Keys. The music video is yet another perfect visual translation of the band’s new and slightly darker song (one might say the collaboration is a match made in music video heaven – Jeff achieved the same audio/visual harmony in his film for American Royalty’s song, Matchstick). My personal recommendation for watching this video – turn up the volume, set the film to full screen, and enjoy!

To create the film, Jeff used a combination of techniques, but it was mostly shot under a camera and animated by hand. A good portion of the film is in 16mm, transferred in his homemade telecine. Jeff used a lot backlit cells and multiple prisms on the lenses. About a third of the Blood Keys video was created with iStopMotion using the same prisms used on the film camera. But Jeff isn’t your every-day kind of iStopMotion animator…

I like to use iStopMotion as a kind of editing tool,” Jeff tells us. “It's possible to think of it as a kind of optical printer, in that things we used to have to do in complicated ways (without any mistakes, ever) on film can be done really effortlessly with iStopMotion. If, for example, I want to make a strange frame order, or double up frames for a tiny bit to make it run slower – that kind of stuff. The visible time line of frames is super handy micro editing tool and empowers lots of opportunities for mischief.

So whether you’re using iStopMotion for traditional claymation and stop motion animated films or getting a little bit clever with it, it’s a really fun tool useful for animating in all shapes and sizes!

More articles on Jeff Scher from the Boinx blog:
Jeff Scher Creates Synesthetic Musical Experience with iStopMotion
Jeff Scher Creates 'Spring City' with iStopMotion
'Best of Times' by Jeff Scher
'You Might Remember This'

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by Megan - -

At Boinx, not only are our employees extremely tech savvy (if we do say so ourselves), but they’re also healthy and environmentally conscious! So when our intern Peter Kraml found out Bastian Wölfle had been riding his bike to work every day, Peter decided to join him. Naturally, the two decided to create a time lapse of their journey to the office – over 2,000 images! Peter captured images with his iPhone, using an iPhone Bike Mount to stabilize the phone.

Peter then imported the images into iStopMotion to create the time lapse and combined it with a pretty sweet HUD and map in the lower left-hand corner displaying his and Bastian’s whereabouts. The HUD shows some basic information, like the guys’ current speed, elevation change and cycled kilometers. Check it out and take a tour of Boinx's hometown of Puchheim, Germany. Maybe you’ll even feel inspired to commute to work the green and healthy way! If you do, be sure to capture your journey and transform it into an iStopMotion masterpiece.

Find out more about how Peter created Bikelapse!

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by Megan - -

Charlotte Biesse specializes in newborn and children photography. She’s got a real knack for capturing the tranquility of a sleeping baby, a child’s toothless, ear-to-ear smile, or a special moment between parent and child. She uses FotoMagico for her business, Rainbow Eleven Photography, creating personalized slideshows for clients, and also as a way of presenting her own work. In the slideshow above, Charlotte displays her best baby photography. Prepare to have your heart melted.

I just feel it's so important to document the fleeting moments of childhood. They go by so quickly, especially in the newborn stage,” Charlotte tells us. “You'll hold these images as some of your most valued possessions.

But don’t try this at home – at least not without a professional present. Charlotte recommends finding an experienced professional newborn photographer that is knowledgeable in newborn safety.

Find out more about Charlotte and Rainbow Eleven Photography!

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