An 8-Bit Classic Turned Stop Motion Animation

by Megan -

Animation has come a long way since its inception – we’re talking a really, really long way. Stop motion animation was one of the first forms of animation and continues to get more and more advanced all the time. One type of animation from the past is 8-bit. You remember the pixilated characters of yesteryear, don’t you? Well, in this animation by Connor Wilson, 8-bit meets stop motion animation – and it is awesome.

Wilson recreated a level from the beloved videogame, Super Mario Bros., using Boinx Software’s iStopMotion for Mac. Not only is the video really well done in terms of animating, but the accuracy of the game itself is spot on (I don't know about you, but it makes me feel like busting out my Super Nintendo for a good old fashioned game of Super Mario Bros.!) – Wilson’s Mario even remembers to hit the secret 1-up hiding just before a death trap! Now THAT'S skill.

The Super Mario Bros. stop motion animation was created for Wilson’s high school computer class, which brings up a point we’ve been saying all along: iStopMotion is an awesome tool to use for school projects! Call me crazy but I’d much rather be recreating a scene from one of my favorite videogames than writing a term paper! (Okay, okay, they’re not always avoidable…). In all seriousness, stop motion animation is a great way of telling a story in a way that’s unique and engaging, and sure to impress classmates! Kudos to Wilson for creating such a clever iStopMotion animation!

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