Oliver on Post-WWDC Developments

by Megan -

Couldn’t make it to WWDC? (Hey, we can’t all be developers, now can we?) Our own Oliver Breidenbach sat down with Neil Ticktin, Editor-in-Chief of MacTech Magazine, to discuss the announcements Apple made, as well as how they will affect Boinx Software. As for the keynote made by Tim Cook, Oliver says: “They lit a firework of great new stuff.” When Neil asks him what his favorite Apple update was, he (predictably) replies:

The favorite thing? The Retina display on the MacBook Pro!

Neil: “I should stop there - other than the MacBook Pro with Retina display, what was your favorite thing?

I think lot of the things in iOS 6 are reassuring that Apple’s not lost its edge, and that they are moving forward; they have a story behind iCloud…it makes you feel good to be a developer in the market.

Regarding Apple's Retina announcement, Oliver tells Neil:

We actually did a little bit of work with iStopMotion – turns out that it is a bit of work! When we developed that product, we didn’t anticipate other screen resolutions.

Despite this, Oliver tells us:

You are going to see a version of iStopMotion optimized for the Retina display very soon!

As for major (and minor) updates coming soon for Boinx Software products, Oliver tells Neil:

You will be delighted!

We don't know about you, but we can't wait!!

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