Salad She Rides: A Recipe for Success

by Megan -

The Fourth Annual Green Shorts Film Festival took place this past April with the theme “MOBILIZE FOR THE EARTH.” The film fest, a one to two minute video contest, is all about saving the planet, helping our environment and being green. To help show others how to be green and pragmatic, Jess Riegel, an artist, filmmaker, DJ and unicyclist based out of California, along with his assistant director/animator, Kelsey Crane (and a few others) created a stop motion movie illustrating how to make a delicious salad with ingredients from a farmers market.

Salad She Rides starts off with two young boys examining candy bars at the Santa Cruz Market, seemingly trying to decide whether or not to purchase them. That’s when Jess takes us to the market, where he loads up on fresh veggies for a nutritional – and tasty – treat. Watch as the purple cabbage, heirloom carrots, lettuce, onion and more goodies magically slice and dice into a salad, stop motion style. While it’s all happening, musician Jeff Levy - who also helped with animation - strums away at his guitar, singing the recipe to us.

In the end, a shelf carting the finished salad rides its way into the market, blocking out the candy shelf – leaving the two boys cheering happily at the fact they now have a healthy choice for a snack. Salad She Rides was made using Boinx Software’s iStopMotion Pro and won First Place AND Viewers’ Choice Award at the Santa Barbara Green Shorts Film Festival! We love the video, not only for Jess’s skill at stop motion animation, but also for its ability to spread the word about being green. Plus, we can’t wait to try out Jess’s delicious and healthy salad recipe!

You can make your own stop motion animations with iStopMotion for Mac or for iPad this summer, too! Test out healthy recipes, grow your own plants and record a time lapse of their progress, animate your veggies - anything! And don't forget to share your stop motion animations and tips for being green this summer with us!