iStopMotion for iPad Satisfies's App Cravings

by Megan -

A screen shot of's stop motion animation, made with Boinx Software's iStopMotion for iPad recently checked out iStopMotion for iPad, here's what they have to say about it:

"iStopMotion is a must buy for anyone who has ever dreamed of making their own stop-motion animated film or time-lapse video. Being able to use your iPhone, iPod, or iPad as a tool to make still life come to life is amazing. iStopMotion is really is one of those “wow” apps that makes you love your iDevice.

With its simple and intuitive user interface, iStopMotion is easy enough for even a child to create their own movies. Also, should anyone ever wonder what a specific feature does, iStopmotion provides a short video tutorial along with a help screen that explains each feature. This allows you to delve right into making movies in no time at all.

The semi-transparent view mode is a fantastic feature that greatly helps with the positioning of characters and props. It also allows you to quickly get your iDevice back into position should it be accidentally moved.'

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