More and More People are Catching iStopMotion Influenza!

by Megan -

An iStopMotion animation on the history of the Influenza

Even though school is close to being out for the summer, more and more people have been catching the iStopMotion for education bug. Whether it’s the original iStopMotion for Mac or the app version, iStopMotion for iPad, educators and students alike agree it’s a great way to explain something in a digital storytelling format. Teach thru Technology blogger Paul Wagner, who’s been in the educational field since 1999, recently wrote an article on the benefits of using stop motion animation in schools and then followed up that article with one specifically on iStopMotion for iPad!

In his first post about stop motion animation for educational purposes, “Say it with Clay(mation)!” Paul says, “Kids love this project because it allows them to be creative and have fun. Parents love it because they can see a product that was created by their child. Teachers love it because it gives the student a hands-on, in-depth look at a concept or process.

In his follow up post, “A Stop Motion Must!” Paul says, “Why am I talking about this again? Well I had heard about an app that was available for the iPad called iStopMotion by Boinx Software. I couldn’t resist the temptation…I finally broke down and bought the app. It is a $10 app, so I was a little apprehensive at first. When you spend that kind of money for an app you expect it to be spectacular. Well I am definitely NOT DISAPPOINTED! The app, in my opinion, is amazing. It gives you clear images. All of the settings are done for you by default so all you have to worry about is taking the pictures.

Thank you for the kind words, Paul! We pride ourselves on developing software that is easy to work with for those who may not be as tech-savvy as others, yet still has many capabilities for the techie and creative types. In regards to iStopMotion’s educational application, Paul says, “Claymation, probably more widely known as stop motion animation, is a great way for students to show a process…such as a life cycle, factorization, and word families…in a digital storytelling format.

To show just how easy to use iStopMotion for iPad is, Paul includes an example from his 8-year-old daughter, who was able to create a stop motion animation without any help from her techie dad. She watched a one-minute tutorial, tested out a couple ideas, and in about five minutes, created a pretty cool iStopMotion for iPad animation. Check it out here!

In an unrelated post, Ryan Moneer Yaman published a video on YouTube illustrating the influenza pandemic using iStopMotion for Mac. The video is an awesome example of how you can use stop motion animation to visually explain something, whether it’s an event, a process, a person - anything. Ryan skillfully animates the definition and symptoms of the flu, it’s history, how and where it spread to, and more. Check out Ryan’s animation above or right here.

As Paul explains and Ryan exemplifies, stop motion animation is a great alternative to your typical poster board, slide show presentation or diorama. Even if school is out soon, summer has so much to offer for stop motion animations. Here are some ideas…
-Bring your toys to life with stop motion animation on a rainy day
-A time lapse of the sun rising or setting
-A stop motion animation of building a sand castle
-A time lapse of the progress of your tan throughout the summer (though don’t forget the sun block!!)
-So many more!!

And what better tool to use than iStopMotion for Mac or iPad?! Be sure to share your summer iStopMotions with us!