Tim Burton on Frankenweenie and His Love for Stop Motion Animation

by Megan -

Tim Burton may be one of the most famous director/producers in Hollywood, constantly blazing the trail for edgy films. One medium he is most famous for is stop motion animation, producing blockbusters such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride. This October, Burton will be debuting a brand new 3D stop motion animation called Frankenweenie, a remake of the live action Disney film that gave him his start as a big time movie producer in 1984. Entertainment Weekly recently caught up with Burton regarding the new film, his career as a filmmaker and his deep love for stop motion animation.

Below is an excerpt of EW's conversation with Tim Burton:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What is it about stop-motion animation that appeals so much to you?

TIM BURTON: It goes back to Ray Harryhausen. You look at his stuff, and you see the fur move! As a child, I recognized this artist. And there was something about stop-motion that felt more like a personal medium, especially because there were so few people doing it. Also, you go back to those kinds of stories, like Frankenstein or Pinocchio, about bringing an inanimate object to life. So here you have a process that does just that! It takes an inanimate object and you bring it to life. As hard of a medium as it is, there’s something so beautiful about that and the fact that it goes back to the beginning of film. The technique hasn’t changed — it’s still animating one frame at a time for 24 frames [to create a single second of film].

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