Apple 'N' Apps Demonstrates How to be a Content Creator, Not Consumer, with iStopMotion for iPad

by Megan -

Apple 'N' Apps tells us how easy it is to create on the iPad with iStopMotion for iPad, plus shows off their stop motion skills with an interactive demo. Review and demo by Trevor Sheridan

"Don’t ever let anyone tell you that the iPad is only about consumption and not creation. With apps like iStopMotion you can create animated stop motion movies in a straightforward and simple way. At first glance, it looks tough to understand just what you need to change to create the animated effect. Then you start using the app, and realize just how intuitive the entire process is. You simply set-up your scene, make slight adjustments to the central objects, snap an image, and repeat.

The entire process is made as streamlined as possible, and all of a sudden you have a plethora of frames. You can instantly playback your progress at any time, and it’s amazing to see how consecutive slight adjustments create the animated effect. The results are absolutely superb, and there’s a beautiful interface to see your timeline. One of the best aspects is the camera overlay allowing you to see the live camera and previous frame on the same screen to make precise adjustments."

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