SpartaCup: Mugs of the Arena, Ignite Your Imagination

by Megan -

“Exhumed from the earth…forged from a lump of clay…vitrified into stone… This summer, one mug will realize his true potential.”

In this Artismia Original Production, Bowman handcrafted Face Mugs take to the arena in SpartaCup. The promotional video for Bowman Pottery, shot in a movie trailer style, was made using Boinx Software’s iStopMotion for iPad, with the help of a few other apps on the iPad. Frames were taken using the iStopMotion Remote Camera on an iPhone 4S.

The entire production – from sculpting the mugs to conceptualization to finished product – was created by Brandon Bowman, who has been working with his father for years to craft pottery by hand at Artismia, Home of the Bowman Pottery, in Louisville, Ohio. Their one-of-a-kind wheel-thrown Face Mugs each feature a unique expression that is sure to inspire creativity in anyone who lays eyes on them – which is exactly what happened to Brandon.

When my father and I sit down to create the mugs, each one takes on its own characteristics. Sometimes we even see certain actors or characters in each one – think Robert De Niro and his exaggerated facial expressions. I’ll squinch my face and lower the corners of my mouth while saying, ‘You talking to me?’” jokes Brandon. He adds, “We try to put a certain expression into the face of each mug we create, and with that I saw something in the mug that made me think of the gladiator Spartacus. With a name like Spartacus it was as simple as swapping the S for a P, giving me the new name, SpartaCup. From there the imagination was ignited and the already burning flame became an inferno of thoughts and concepts that fanned the flames of creativity.

As is true with any artist, only bringing his ideas to fruition could quench the flames of Brandon’s creativity. The icing on the cake (or should we say the glaze on the pottery?) came when he discovered iStopMotion for iPad, which liberated him and his work from the computer. And with a slew of effects and soundtrack apps working in synergy with iStopMotion for iPad, the possibilities for Brandon and SpartaCup were virtually endless.

I have long been a fan of Boinx Software. My father and I have expressed our creativity in many ways using iStopMotion on our Macs,” says Brandon. “iStopMotion for iPad has allowed the convenience and freedom of mobility that I have always wanted. Being able to create the sets and characters in my studio AND shoot the animation in the same location is a wonderful thing. The UI of the app is also very user friendly and fun to use, and the features included in the app are outstanding. For example, the ability to make small adjustments, easily add, delete and duplicate frames, jump from scene to scene, and easily export with multiple options is awesome – the app is loaded. To top it all off, the ability to use an iPhone or iPod as a remote camera made shooting a wonderfully convenient process.

SpartaCup: Cups of the Arena shows us a side of Bowman Face Mugs we would have never imagined possible, if not for the creative genius sparked in Brandon and made possible with iStopMotion for iPad. Watch as these brave mugs battle it out in SpartaCup!

Go behind the scenes of Artismia’s Mugs of the Arena to see Brandon’s intricate work process

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SpartaCup: Mugs of the Arena
Created by Brandon Bowman
Stop motion animation created with iStopMotion for iPad
Shot with iStopMotion Remote Camera on an iPhone 4S
Edited in iMovie
Titles and effects created with LiveType
Sound effects made with Soundtrack Pro
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