Macworld UK Test Drives iStopMotion for iPad

by Megan -

"Stop-motion animation can be a tricky process. But iStopMotion for iPad makes it very easy to do, since everything you need can be achieved straight from your iPad (version 2 or better).

The interface is incredibly simple: you can choose to use either the front or back camera, set up your shot and tap on the big round button on the right-hand side. You then have to either move the object you’re animating, the camera, or both, before taking another shot to give the illusion of movement when you play back your film.

To ease this, iStopMotion overlays the previous shot on to the current frame by default, so that you can see what needs to be changed. This makes shooting a short scene incredibly easy to do. You can then add a soundtrack and save your film to your iPad’s Camera Roll or upload it to the web."