More Praise for iStopMotion for iPad, MacLife Gives it an ‘A’ for Awesome

by Megan -

MacLife’s J.R. Bookwalter took a trip down memory lane and sat down with iStopMotion for iPad – something his childhood self probably never imagined possible while hovering over his mom’s Super-8mm camera making stop motion animations as a kid. The point is, he’s using the iPad for stop motion animation these days, and he likes it that way, giving iStopMotion for iPad 5 out of 5 MacLife stars for 'Awesome.'

J.R. has quite a few nice things to say about iStopMotion for iPad (thanks, J.R.!) in his review, and deems it “a brilliantly-done app for the iPad 2 and third-generation iPad." He gives it a good rundown and offers helpful explanations of the app’s many awesome (in our humble opinion) features.

In J.R.’s review, he finishes saying: “Slick and fast, iStopMotion even managed to entertain my restless three-year-old son as we attempted a quick animation of Iron Man strutting across the dining room table. ... The bottom line. Nostalgia aside, iStopMotion is an app that truly shows the potential of an iPad. With deliciously detailed Retina Display graphics and 1080p HD video in the latest version, iStopMotion for iPad is a killer way to alleviate boredom on a rainy day, while remaining powerful enough to inspire the next generation of animators.

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